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Silicon Valley Chinese Association Foundation (SVCAF) is a nonprofit grassroot organization working to promote the involvement of Chinese communities in public affairs and public policy in the United States. As an integral part of the Chinese communities in Northern California and with strong ties across the United States, we are making meaningful progress in providing education to the Chinese communities on the legal and political systems in California and the nation. We are also encouraging active civil engagement and political participation by the Chinese communities, while actively promoting recognition and respect of their contributions.

SVCA( Silicon Valley Chinese Association) 是硅谷华人协会,去年积极参与社区活动,主要是反对sca5,UC大学歧视法案,后来也积极参与助选,帮助保护华人平等权益的政界候选人,取得极好成绩。svca foundation是svca刚注册成立的501 c3组织,专门从事社区活动。主要关注点在于与我们湾区华人社区生活息息相关的教育,安全,工作,社区建设等等之类的社区活动。这是完全属于我们大家的群众自发性的义工组织。欢迎大家随意参加各种活动,观察了解,一起量力而发,扎根发芽!